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The 15 pound Hammond Organ!

The Hammond SK-1:  The sound and soul of the Hammond B-3 in a 15 pound, easy to carry package.


The Hammond SK Action with an extra octave!


A full 88-key Hammond!


The bullet-proof stand for the Hammond XK-Pro System: a solid stand providing your upper and lower manual a solid foundation.


This sturdy collapsible bench can be assembled without tools and is designed specifically for the Hammond XK-Pro Organ System.


Introducing the smallest and lightest Genuine Hammond Organ…The Hammond XK-1C!


The XK System 25-note bass pedal board makes your XK-Pro or XK-Traditional organ system complete.

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Expand your XK-3C or XK-3 with the Hammond Pro-Style Lower Manual.  It's like having the consol of the Hammond B-3!